ScoreStorm Music Production was founded in 2011 by promising young musician Iurii Iatsiuk.

Iuri was born on 4 October 1989 in the famous city Odessa, which is known as one of the most beautiful historical and cultural center of Ukraine. Since his childhood Iurii has been carried away by dark mystical music and secrets of ancient civilizations. In 16 years old he became a guitarist of the young metal band, which got the title of ‘the best Odessa rock-group’ in 2008. The most part of material has been written and arranged by Iurii. Also in this band he met his wife - Valeria Finicopulo, which became his Muse and  comrade-in-arms. In 17 years old Iurii entered the Odessa National Maritime Academy, but he didn’t leave the road of service to the Music.

During the album recording Iurii meets and collaborates with the leading musicians in heavy genres area. Working in the band Iurii begins to write his own solo compositions mainly in symphonic genre. He did soundtracks for several performances of Odessa Drama School ("Oscar and the Lady in Pink", "The Snow Queen"), soundscape for horror game Penumbra: Necrologue, all music support for indepentend short movie Pain. In 2016-2017 his music was taken for the sensational ukrainian mystical movie Chungul and short comedy movie Circus on Rope; Iurii collaborates with Sanatana project, taking big part in arrangement of its last album Brahmavidya.