• Eclectic Sound Orchestra
    Chamber orchestra.

    Full arranged medley and promotional background for chamber Eclectic Sound Orchestra including further recording,
    mixing and mastering (classic, rock, cinematic and modern pop genres).
  • Chungul
    Mystical ukrainian movie.

    Full cinematic scoring for ukrainian mystical movie Chungul.
    Directors: Aleksandr Alyoshechkin, Vyacheslav Alyoshechkin.
  • Ignea
    Oriental metal band.

    Symphonic arrangement of 'How I Hate the Night' song by Ignea metal band at their first LP album 'The Sign of Faith' (2017).
    Oriental ethno vedic metal.

    Keyboards programming and percussion arrangement for LP album BRAHMAVIDYA (2017
    by oriental ethno vedic metal project Sanatana.
  • Circus on the Tightrope
    Shirt-length ukrainian arthouse comedy.

    Guest composer for ukrainian arthouse comedy short-length film 'Circus on The Tightrope' (2017).
  • Ignea
    Oriental metal band.

    Cover-version of 'Sputnic' song by ukrainian oriental metal band Ignea from their single 'Alga' (2015).
  • Penumbra: Necrologue
    A survival horror game.

    Background music and soundscapes for the cult survival horror game PENUMBRA: NECROLOGUE.
  • Sterium
    Real estate agency.

    Background Sound for Sterium real estate agency advertise video including arrangement,
    vocal recording, mixing and mastering.
  • XXX
    Noname metal project.

    Turn-key music production for temporary unnamed metal project.
  • PAIN
    Short motion picture.

    Full cinematic scoring for short motion picture 'Pain' presented at independent film festivals.
  • Mindbox
    Automation b2c marketing area.

    Full music production for Minbox company promo video including arrangement, vocal recording, mixing and mastering.
  • Hell:On
    Ukrainian trash metal band.

    Symphonic part arrangement for trash metal band Hell:On's song 'Satan'.
  • Xes Dreams
    Ukrainian experimental metal band.

    Cinematic trailer music for ukrainian experimental metal band's LP album 'NC-17' (2012) promo video.
  • The Snow Queen

    Scoring for theater perfomance The Snow Queen based on fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Rainbow

    Main theme for the preschool children's learning TV-proect Rainbow.
  • Oscar and the Lady in Pink

    Scoring for theater perfomance Oskar and the Lady in Pink based on the same-named novella by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt..